Redefine Portable Seating with the Focal Mogo Seat

Redefine Portable Seating with the Focal Mogo Seat

by Yoav
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You might remember last year when Focal released The Locus Workstation, an ingenious new upright desk and seat combination that supports users leaning in to a neutral and natural position. Well this September, Focal Upright will begin to deliver a whole new product. This time round its a portable seat every soccer mom, tailgater and concertgoer needs – The Focal Mogo. Unlike traditional portable seats, Mogo puts the user in the same healthy upright posture as Focal’s award-winning Locus Seat, positioning the body in a comfortable leaning posture that just feels right.

At only 2.1 pounds, Mogo is lightweight and extremely portable as it folds up to fit into any backpack. Beta versions of Mogo have been used at the Chicago Blues Festival, the Newport Jazz Festival and at the sidelines of numerous soccer and lacrosse fields. Feedback is overwhelmingly positive with many users proclaiming that Mogo will be the Holiday Gift of the Year for 2013.

Designed by Keen Footwear Founder Martin Keen to demonstrate the leaning position enabled by the Locus Seat, Focal’s award-winning ergonomic office seat, Mogo is planned for use by corporations and institutions for short term seating at standing-height conference tables. Several leading technology companies have pre-ordered Mogos to have them readily available throughout the workplace for impromptu meetings. The interest in Mogo for this application mirrors the American Medical Associations recent advice to employers to promote more active seating
styles to combat the health hazards associated with prolonged sitting. Mogo and other Focal seating solutions allow the user to be stable and upright while maintaining mobility.

Prior to the initial delivery date, Mogo is available at a special rate to early adopters; those interested in becoming an early adopter can click the buy link below. Once delivery begins in early September, Mogo will be available
through Focal’s website as well as several leading retailers in both physical and online stores.

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