Rotimatic: The World’s First Fully Automatic Roti Making Appliance

Rotimatic: The World’s First Fully Automatic Roti Making Appliance

by Yoav
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The Indian dinner table, as rich as it is, always tends to miss its key ingredient— the mother. She is usually tucked away in the kitchen baking rotis on a flaming hot pan. She could make them well before dinner is served and enjoy this quality time with her loved ones but she wants to be sure that every loaf is puffed and fresh when its served. This has been so for centuries and even in today’s technologically advanced world with women holding demanding day jobs- women have to come home to the tedium of roti making.

For centuries Rotis have been a staple part of the diet across the Indian subcontinent. About 3 billion rotis are consumed by 800 million Indians daily with most of them made by hand on a real-time basis as the tradition is to eat them fresh and homemade.

As technologists passionate about problem solving, Pranoti and Rishi saw this as a great opportunity to bring a purpose led innovation to life. Apart from the market need, the purpose of building something which will improve the lives of people drove the couple to start on the project in early 2008.

In a bold move soon after: Pranoti, quit her day job to focus on it full-time while Rishi, joined her after his startup, tenCube was acquired by McAfee. The initial challenge was to prove that it was possible to invent a product like this. A year after working out of a small incubator office on NUS campus with minimum resources, they had designed and built the first prototype which could make rotis with a click. The prototype helped Zimplistic win Start-Up@Singapore competition, providing the much needed credibility with investors as well as get an initial budget to start building a team.

The following years remained as challenging as the first with constant R&D and financial demands an innovation this complex brings with it. To deliver a dream like solution, a great amount of technology had to be designed from scratch. To support the company needs, they lived on minimum salaries, but made sure the dream stayed alive pouring every single penny into the company.

From all that hard work and dedication comes Rotimatic, the world’s first fully automatic roti making appliance. Designed to meet the brief of a dream like solution- it makes rotis at a touch of a button! Turn it on, load it up, choose how many and it makes them one a minute. Rotimatic also comes packed with ability to let one choose the type of rotis he/she prefers. It delivers an intuitive user experience, fresh rotis and comes in a compact beautiful package of white with a touch of orange.

The user experience of Rotimatic ensures all steps involved in roti making are a breeze. The before, the during and the after.

Load once, eat whenever | The input containers for flour and water hold up to 20 rotis worth of ingredients. Mixing happens for one roti at a time, with rest of the ingredients unmixed on stand-by for use in following meals.

It is literally a touch | Rotimatic comes with a touch sensitive surface which makes input seamless and enables a quick wipe clean for that shiny look. Touch to power on, select how many rotis you feel like having and it makes them one a minute.

Simple to clean | Specially designed cooking process to keep cleaning limited to few easily washable parts. The side curved design enables easy access to these parts.

Rotimatic comes with a range of settings to adjust roti characteristics to suit individual preferences.

Thickness | Four levels to vary the thickness of a roti.

Roast Level | Four levels to vary the roast level- from a soft roti to a well done crispy roti.

Oil | Choose to add a drop or two of oil to the roti. Or completely oil free.

Real time adjustment | Increase the number of rotis or drop the order size, as they are being made. Rotimatic also caters to families with varying taste preferences: Prefer 5 thin & 3 thick rotis? Change the setting as it makes
the fifth roti to have the next 3 be made as per the changed preference.

Preset memory | Rotimatic remembers the last chosen setting so it doesn’t need to be reset at each use.

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