AViiQ Portable Charging Station

AViiQ Portable Charging Station

by Yoav
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When you're on the go, small details can get lost. With a million things running through your mind, sometimes those tiny cables get left behind. The AViiQ Portable Charging Station is designed for the individual who does not want to spend time multi-tasking cables. Taking up only one outlet port, it gives you the ability to charge 3+1 devices. Complete with a zip-up bag, it's the companion that helps you remember the little things.

Four Port Hub
3+1 USB charging hub can charge all your devices and get pass data through one.

The AViiQ Portable USB Charging Station can charge four USB devices simultaneously, including an iPad, as well as passing data through one specialized port. Rest assured that even your larger power-consuming products such as the Apple iPad, which requires a 10v charger, is supplied through one of our four ports.

Truely Portable Device Charging Valet
No more collecting cables, just fold, zip and go

This sturdy nylon bag was specially designed to keep all your charging needs in one simple place, whether you are at home, the office or traveling. You'll save time and money since you won't need to buy extra cable for different locations. Make this your all-in-one charging station no matter where you are.

Integrated Charger
Carry a single wall plug to power all your USB devices with the AViiQ Portable USB Charging Station's integrated power adapter. This low profile adapter can provide up to 15W which is plenty of power to charge all your devices fast.

Retractable USB Port
Syncing your device is a synch

Sync to your computer with this retractable USB cable. No more unplugging between the wall and your computer just to charge your device, especially those that require more power than your laptop can provide. After you're done. pull and let it zip back into place and you're ready to go.

Clear the Clutter
Simple and easy cable management system

Four pockets are specially designed to fit up to four USB cables each for easy cable organization. Coil them up and put them away. We've also highlighted one pocket so you know which one is available for data syncing so you'll never get confused.

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