Moneual RYDIS H67 Robotic Vacuum

Moneual RYDIS H67 Robotic Vacuum

by Yoav
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The Moneual Rydis H67 robotic vacuum offers Dynamic 4 in 1 Power Sweeping featuring Twin Side Brushes, a Multi Suction Brush, a BLDC Powered Suction Motor, and a Mop Assembly that work simultaneously to collect, pull, and wipe off even the toughest dirt.

RYDIS H67 is the next generation robot cleaner that raises the bar of what an automated cleaner should be. The product can adjust to different floor types (rugs, carpets, hardwood floors and tile.) and thanks to the smart sensor, powerful BLDC motor, and eco-friendly lithium iron phosphate battery, the cleaning experience is exceptional.

RYDIS offers 3 different cleaning modes:
1) Hybrid Cleaning The optimized 4–in-1 Hybrid Cleaning System is a feature exclusive to RYDIS® H67 and offers top-notch cleaning performance.
2) Vacuum Cleaning The suction power of the BLDC Motor combined with the Multi Suction Brush is optimized to clean any combination of surfaces including hardwood floors, tile and carpets.
3) Mop Cleaning Using an S pattern, the RYDIS H67 features a mop-only cleaning mode that will clean hardwood floors and time for up to 5 hours.

● Shadow Active Cleaning: Only 3.23 inches tall, RYDIS H67 is able to clean in hard-to-reach places. The Shadow Cleaning Mode detects and performs concentrated cleaning in areas that do not receive direct ligh,t such as underneath couches and beds, so your home is clean even in the places you can't see.
● Appointment Mode: Schedule RYDIS H67 to clean in an hour, or every 24 hours for a convenient cleaning routine that saves you time. Some days when you have missed your cleaning, don’t worry because Rydis has your back!
● Smart Sensor System: The alarm and collision prevention sensors detect obstacles before contact, keeping furniture and wallpaper safe from dents or marks.
● Mop Cleaning with Detachable Microfiber Mop: The Microfiber Mop is easily attached and cleans hard floor surfaces. The RYDIS H67 automatically recognizes the presence of the Mop and will avoid carpeted area or rugs while it is attached.
● Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery: The 4th generation Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery, is environmentally-friendly and has over three times the battery recharge cycle than Nickel, Lithium-Ion or Polymer batteries
(Over 1,000 charges/usages in its lifetime).
● Easy Cleanup: The 600cc dustbin is designed for easy waste disposal and clean-up. By simply removing the dust on the filter and emptying the waste, the dustbin and the filter can be used over and over again.
● 3.23" Slim Design: Just 3.23″ tall, the RYDIS H67 easily passes under furniture for convenient cleaning in all areas of the home; even underneath beds and furniture!
● Room Indicator: The Room indicator feature prevents the Robot Cleaner from entering certain specified areas while in the cleaning mode. The Room Selection Feature increases cleaning efficiency by dividing a single living space into 3 different areas. (Additional Room Indicators sold separately.)

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