Take 360º Photos with bublcam

Take 360º Photos with bublcam

by Yoav
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Introducing the bublcam, one of the world’s most innovative 360º cameras, inside and out. The camera and software has been developed to provide users with the ability to capture spherical photos and videos, experience them and share them across your favourite social networks. It utilizes Wi-fi to allow you to live stream directly to your mobile devices. With bublcam you can also save your content to a MicroSD card and they are working on getting content to your favourite cloud storage providers like Drop Box, Google Drive and Younity.

There are some moments when the action happening behind the camera can often be just as fun or important as the content in front of the camera. That’s just one of the problems bubl is attempting to solve. A few years ago the founder’s then 3 year old daughter tried to swipe down during a video she was watching. It was a video where her grandma's face couldn't be seen and she was trying to see it. This is just one very small, but potentially profound example of the natural evolution in the way we choose to consume content.

The true innovation of the bublcam is it’s software that allows a single, 4 quadrant multiplexed image to be stitched into a sphere. A heat mapped blending process was utilized in order to blend the final photos and videos. These are what they call digital bubls. Bubls can also be separated from the multiplex into individual photos or videos and stitched into standard equirectangular format. This allows for spherical development and playback from other applications like Video-Stitch and Kolor products.

The bubl team has developed the bublcam and the bubl software in order to help evolve all of the markets that really could take advantage of capturing and allowing us all to experience everything in a single moment.

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