Watch The Latest News as a Video Summary with Wibbitz

Watch The Latest News as a Video Summary with Wibbitz

by Yoav
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Israeli star-up Wibbitz brings stories to life by automatically transforming text-based articles, such as articles and blog posts into short videos optimized for a mobile screen.

To accomplish this Wibbitz first applies a variety of smart natural language processing algorithms and machine learning capabilities to fully capture the essence of a story. Wibbitz then automates the process of creating short videos at high speed and volume by intelligently weaving together related images, videos-clips and animated infographics.

Designed and configured to be blazing fast for smartphone consumption, the resulting videos are typically between 60-120 seconds, and include natural voice narration.

Wibbitz was designed with a clean and minimalistic approach. By using an intuitive swiping interface you save precious screen space allowing you to navigate with ease throughout the app. Play your news with one tap, swipe up anywhere to dig deeper and watch or read the full story, swipe down anywhere on the screen to go back. It's as simple as that.

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