Spruce Stove Can Be Fed a Complete Tree Trunk

Spruce Stove Can Be Fed a Complete Tree Trunk

by Yoav
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Spruce Stove is a new approach for burning wood. A complete tree trunk can be fed into this compact stove. The opening is a diaphragm and encloses seamlessly around the tree. By gently pushing the trunk inwards during the burning process the experience lasts as long as the trunk.

The design and concept of the Spruce Stove arose from a collaboration between Roel de Boer and Michiel Martens. Both young designers from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, they set a goal to reshape reality and create some adventure and joy through their products.

The stove is made in their own workspace, build by hand with the utmost care and on a small scale. Only high quality materials are used such as: stainless steel, fireproof concrete, and a heat resistant coating.

To begin with, only 10 limited edition stoves are being produced. More information can be found at the buy link below...

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