Tune Your Guitar Robotically with Roadie

Tune Your Guitar Robotically with Roadie

by Yoav
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Roadie Tuner is a new automatic tuning device and companion for guitarists. Roadie tunes your guitar to any tuning effortlessly, quickly and accurately. By precisely measuring the elasticity of the guitar strings, Roadie can track and inform you of their quality and would recommend changing them as soon as their quality deteriorates.

Without a properly tuned guitar, it’s nearly impossible to sound good. Roadie connects via bluetooth low energy with a smartphone app. The app opens up a new dimension to Roadie. It allows users to switch to any tuning or if they prefer to tune slightly sharp or flat, they can even create their own customized tuning. The tuning is three times more accurate than human ears and it only takes a few seconds to tune each string.

The app allows guitarists to create a personalized profile for their instrument and keep track of all its maintenance information, for instance which string gauge they are using, the date of the last restringing, and the brand of strings used. While using Roadie to tune, the app will keep track of the variations in the elasticity and tonal characteristic of the strings and could determine their quality. When the quality drops, the app would suggest for users that it’s time to restring. Roadie can even help restring by quickly un-winding and winding the strings.

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