Vik Lounge Chair

Vik Lounge Chair

by Yoav
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An anonymous vintage armchair of a relative, and the automotive industry inspired Arian Brekveld in the design of his Vik Loungechair.

“Car seats are always comfortable. They are beautifully made, the materials are used in a clever way and, although they are small, they provide a lot of comfort! I wanted to translate those qualities in my design.” Adding and subtracting inches, Brekveld kept experimenting until he realized the optimum amount of comfort.

The armchair has a low seat, carried by a light pipe frame. The clearly visible construction and elegant contours – caused by the unbroken lines – provide the chair with a dynamic quality. The comfortable back supports refer to car seats and also determine the three-dimensional shape of the seat, which is made of foam and hand-crafted in several layers. By making optimal use of traditional production techniques, no expensive mold was required, which kept the chair affordable. As all other Spectrum designs, also this lounge chair is being produced in Holland.

The adjustable head rest can be adjusted with a simple hand motion.

The Vik Loungechair is available in nine colors, with seat and frame in matching colors. It is upholstered in partially perforated leather or fabric. The fabric that is used on the seat does not have a pronounced weaving pattern, whichmeans it doesn't look like textile. This separates the seat and frame visually.

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