Cavalon Side-By-Side Gyroplane

Cavalon Side-By-Side Gyroplane

by Yoav
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In the Cavalon gyroplane by AutoGyro, the pilot and passenger can sit side-by-side and enjoy the wonders of flight. The gyroplane was awarded the 2012 red dot award for product design in recognition of its harmony between interior and exterior.

The monocoque construction made of composite materials provides the ideal balance of performance and weight and thus high safety and efficiency. The Cavalon's big tank handles great distances easily, individually adjustable seats and pedals provide everyone the perfect position, and flight instruments are arranged with both passengers in mind.

• Dual seat gyroplane side by side
• Monocoque construction including: 2 side doors, each with sliding and vent window
• With dual control-option
• 2 luggage compartments behind the pilot seats
• Aluminum rotor system Naca 8H12 8,4m
• Exhaust stainless steel, aftermuffler aluminum
• Turbo with 115 PS
• Additional electrical fuel pump for Rotax 912 ULS
• Propeller HTC 3B CCW 172,5
• Instrument Panel: Airspeed and Altitude, Engine and Rotor rpm, Oil and cylinder head temperature, Oil pressure, Standard compass on top of instrument panel, Temperature indicator OAT and RBT, Engine hour meter, Electrical fuel gauge, 12V power plug
• Pneumatic trim (altitude) and Rotor Brake
• Pneumatic roll trim
• Pneumatic prerotator with safety lock
• Hydraulic main wheel brake with parking position
• Battery charging plug
• Fuel tanks, collective capacity 100 lts.
• Rotor bag
• All composite parts are painted
• Pilot-seat with adjustable back, sitting position and angle
• Adjustable pedal position, recommended body height 155-205cm
• Color choice on color palette
• Fully assembled and test flown

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