Firefly Vaporizer

Firefly Vaporizer

by Yoav
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Featuring a sleek, timelessly classic design and cutting-edge technology, the vaporizer comes of age with the Firefly.

Dubbed “the racecar of vaporizers,” the Firefly is fast, sleek, and sexy. It heats up instantly at the touch of a button, and with its borosilicate glass and stainless-steel construction, it delivers pure, smooth vapor. Because the Firefly has a broad temperature range, it delivers more of these ingredients and flavors than other portable vaporizers. In each inhalation, the temperature quickly climbs from room temperature to 400°F, releasing each ingredient as the temperature rises.

Vaporization is the process of heating a substance, most commonly plant material, to the point where the active ingredients and flavors are released. This process happens while remaining under combustion temperature while on the other hand smoking is the result of combustion actually burning.

Designed primarily for loose-leaf pipe tobacco. The Firefly has the broadest temperature range of any portable vaporizer, spanning from room temperature up to 400°F, all within a single inhalation. This means you enjoy each distinct flavor and active ingredient as the temperature continues to climb. Simply press and hold the power button as you inhale. The longer you inhale, the higher the temperature and the richer the vapor. Enjoy perfect vapor every time, based on what feels best to you.

Every detail of the Firefly has been the subject of intense obsession: from its suave magnetic lid, which makes chamber access and cleaning easy, to the warm orange glow of its Quartz Crystal window, from which the Firefly takes its name. Its swappable battery – another unique feature – also means no stalling on the go. A fully-charged battery can deliver up to 50 instant inhalations in a row.

This attention to detail is not surprising, considering the expertise at the helm of the Firefly project: professional product designers Mark J. Williams and Sasha Robinson, who share a passion for innovative design and advancing vaporization technology. Williams specializes in all aspects of the user experience, having honed his craft in positions of design leadership for over 20 years at Silicon Valley, most recently at Apple for Mac OS X. Robinson has always been at the forefront of technology with a deep knowledge of hardware and software, working for Microsoft, Nike, and LG, among other industry leaders.

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