Buben&Zorweg Time Mover

Buben&Zorweg Time Mover

by Yoav
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The first models of the brand new Time Mover handwound from Buben&Zorweg have been delivered. It is yet another milestone for the innovative high-end manufacturer of elitist masterpieces – as a provider of a “watch winder“ for handwound watches that sets new standards.

Buben&Zorweg and the legendary Time Mover models have been at the pinnacle of the world market for watch winders for automatic watches for many years. The devices for handwound watches available to date were so far unable to meet the strict requirements that Buben&Zorweg places on quality and performance. However, there was and still is a clear demand: prolonged periods of standstill are as detrimental to the valuable calibres of precious handwound watches as they are to the inner workings of automatic watches. The Time Mover technology provided the solution that has long since prevailed by the collectors and lovers of luxurious automatic chronometers. Why, one might ask oneself, was it so difficult to develop a comparable top-quality product for automatically winding handwound watches?

“The reasons became apparent in the form of the challenges we faced when we started our development work. Mastering the countless obstacles en route to a perfectly functioning Time Mover handwound was no easy task, and it took the long-standing experience gained from our mature Time Mover technology to enable us to put our reputation behind the market launch of a product that the proud owners of precious handwound watches could entrust their favourite time-pieces to with a clear conscience,“ reports managing director Christian Zorweg.

One of the most difficult hurdles common to handwound watches was the lack of a safety clutch: the force applied to the spring increases continuously until it reaches its ideal tension. The Time Mover handwound is equipped with state-of-the-art, electronically controlled sensors that monitor changes in spring tension until it reaches the ideal point. The winding process stops in a matter of milliseconds as soon as this point is reached. Buben&Zorweg has therefore basically relocated the safety clutch externally to the watch winder system, so to speak, where it reliably prevents any over-tensioning of the spring.

Lovers of these fine timepieces have a natural feeling for a perfectly wound watch in their fingertips… and fingertips are precisely what the creative developers at Buben&Zorweg used as a benchmark. They were supported by the young science of Bionics that looks at Nature‘s optimum solutions and incorporates them in innovative technology. The winding rollers that clamp the crown of the watch are a prime example. A very special rubber mixture was developed for the rollers; they grip the crown with the sensitivity of careful fingertips and transfer the measurement data to the electronic control system with more feeling and control than even the most sensitive human hand could ever achieve.

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