Acaia: The Minimalist Coffee Brewing Scale

Acaia: The Minimalist Coffee Brewing Scale

by Yoav
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The Acaia is a simple, modern coffee brewing scale designed with brilliant functionality in mind. It's as if Apple shifted directions and decided to make their very own brewing scale. After fresh-roasted coffee beans, a good grinder and a dripper, a scale will help improve your coffee brewing the most, as using scale rather than scoops to weigh coffee and water will provide the precision & consistency you need for brewing the perfect cup of coffee! Brewing great coffee also requires the best tools, who wouldn’t want a beautifully designed scale to complement your gorgeous equipments like french presses, dripper, espresso grinders and the chemex! That’s why Fujiki Takao designed the Acaia Coffee Brewing Scale - Sleek design, simple to use, precise measurement, and it works with their coffee brewing App.

Coffee grind and liquid proof touch sensitive buttons!
In order for the coffee scale to be perfect for coffee brewing, responsive and touch sensitive buttons were chosen over mechanical buttons on the scale since mechanical buttons are not dirt proof, and having coffee grinds stuck in between buttons are not pleasant at all, and the scale display is sealed, so don’t worry about spilling coffee on the scale.

Compact and commodious weighing surface!
Acaia coffee scale has a 6 x 6 inch scale pressure plate, which is large enough to hold most coffee brewing equipment like the french presses, dripper, espresso grinders and the chemex.

Steady and durable scale bottom!
Most scales have protruding plastic feet, which sometimes gets worn out and creates uneven distribution on the surface, resulting in inaccurate scale readings. Thats why the Acaia coffee scale was designed with a flat bottom and a silicone cushion which allows it to sit flat and steadily on the counter.

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