Marrs M-1 Electric Bicycle

Marrs M-1 Electric Bicycle

by Yoav
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Southern California is home to Marrs Cycles, Inc. The locale inspires their vision, culture and American-made craftsmanship. In an era when many companies manufacture products (including electric bicycles) overseas, they take pride in going against the trend and hand-crafting all of their frames, front ends and handlebars a few short miles from the infamous Pacific coast beaches.

Marrs is changing the way people view cruising one enthusiast at a time. They aim to build an elite line of electric bicycles that enable riders to take advantage of a unique motorcycle-inspired riding experience in places where bicycles, and not motorcycles, are allowed.

Technical Specifications
● Frame, Fork, and Handlebars are all constructed from 4130 chromoly tubing
● Lithium battery (48v/20ah base system)
● Brushless 3-phase DC rear-hub motor
● Motorcycle quality components (e.g., wheels, tires, hubs, controls, seat and grips)
● Hydraulic disc brake
● 3-piece crank set
● Weight: 140lbs
● 36" tall from ground to handlebar

Performance and Price
● 20 mph on flat ground with an average 175lbs rider
● Starting at only $7,500.00

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