Cricket Trailer

Cricket Trailer

by Yoav
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The 2013 Cricket v.1.8 is your base camp that contains exactly what you need. No more, no less. Lightweight and athletic, it’s likely Cricket can be towed by the vehicle you already own. Leave your living room at home. With Cricket, you’ll step into adventure with style.

Made from aluminium composite panels and a laser-cut skeleton, Cricket’s shell provides an unprecedented degree of insulation without warping, harboring mold, or off-gassing fumes. The result is an economical trailer that is aerodynamic and durable.

Cricket's spring-loaded roof lifts in seconds, making it easy to use for all ages and abilities. Two entry doors make loading and unloading a breeze and increases on-the-go access to your interior. Whether setting up camp, taking a quick pit-stop, or looking for your favorite tool, Cricket keeps all you need an arm’s reach away.

Countertop: With 12 square feet of countertop, camp cooking has never been so comfortable.

Cabinet: Six cubbies large and small provide ample storage for all of your needs. Sealed birch plywood construction makes this cabinet as beautiful as it is functional.

Refrigerator: Super efficient 12v refrigerator from Engel. This tough and practical appliance locks to Cricket’s floor for safety. Top-loading model can be easily removed for stocking up at home. Front-loading model also available.

Power Switches and Outlet: On a full charge, the Cricket’s 12v deepcell batteries will power the fridge and lights for up to five days. To extend ‘off-grid’ time, just add our photovoltaic panels.

Stainless Steel Sink: Cricket’s sink faucet cleverly tucks into its 15” diameter and 6” deep basin when not in use. A glass cover folds down flush over the entire unit creating an extended counter space when needed.

Lighting: Over-counter LED lights provide the perfect lighting for night cooking after your day’s adventures.

Handshower: The handshower has a powerful spray to blast away sand and mud from you or your pet. It reaches outside for a quick hosing off and can be used inside for a full shower. A floor drain will keep the rest of Cricket dry.

Portable Toilet: Cricket’s porta potti is clean, easy to use, and hidden from view when not needed. It can be emptied in any toilet at home or on the road, eliminating the need for RV dump stations.

Privacy Curtain: Whether using the portable toilet, taking a shower, or just getting changed, Cricket’s curtain provides the privacy we all need from time to time.

Picture Window: This 32" by 20" window provides a perfect connection to the outdoors. Windows have built-in screens and shades. Eliminate insects, encourage a pleasant breeze, and keep the sun at bay on those sleepy mornings.

3-in-1 Lounge: The lounge in both Cricket models integrates your living, sleeping, and storage spaces into one seamless, easy to use environment.

Multi- Position Table: Cricket’s table sweeps into different positions, transforming the lounge for dining, hanging out, or sleeping. All this in under a minute.

Ceiling Stowage: Laser-cut openings in the aluminium frame make your ceiling an easy to use, infinitely adaptable stowage system. Purchase one of Cricket’s optional storage solutions or hook, lash, and clip in your own custom setup and you’re set to go.

Lighting: The adjustable LED lights can be set to white for a full reading light or flipped to red for a low light that keeps your eyes adjusted to the dark. Very convenient for star gazing.

Pop-Open Rear Hatch: The back of the trailer opens up to provide easy access to the underbench storage and is especially useful when loading larger gear.

Fabric Enclosure: This hightenacity, flame-retardant ripstop polyester is easy to take on and off, making cleaning a breeze. Tent-style windows with no-see-um netting give great air circulation and views.

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