See Through Skin with Evena Eyes-On Glasses

See Through Skin with Evena Eyes-On Glasses

by Yoav
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The newest addition to the Evena family of products is the one-of-a-kind point-of-care wearable Eyes-On Glasses system. Evena Eyes-On Glasses provide all the same imaging technology advantages as other Evena products, but in a cost-effective, cart-free, wearable form. The Evena Glasses system is appropriate for pre-hospital, physician offices, clinics or hospitals. The Glasses unit is battery powered and offers the ultimate in portability and ease of use.

Unique Eyes-on Glasses features include:
● Multi-Spectral Imaging - a breakthrough patented technology developed by Evena for the deepest penetration with the most detailed and sharpest image is effective for almost all physiologies.

● Real-time anatomically accurate images – no other system provides such exceptionally clear, accurate images.

● EMR/PACS interface enables automated, improved and more precise documentation of appropriate care, including verification of vein patency.

● Hands-free, cart-free, wearable technology allows medical staff to maneuver anywhere anytime with the complete vasculature image right before their eyes.

● See-through, Eyes-On technology allows the user to have full situational awareness, to keep eye contact with the patient plus a clear view of the patient’s area of interest, enabling quick and easy location and access to the best vein.

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