Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6

by Yoav
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Bang & Olufsen has launched a new set of headphones that combine extraordinary sound quality with exquisite design and enable you to listen to music in a whole new way. The new BeoPlay H6 over-ear headphones are made with state of the art technology to make your music sound better wherever you go. BeoPlay H6 is a super soft, flexible over-ear headphone designed with the finest materials and with a sound performance that takes audio to another level.

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen builds on generations of craftsmanship and expertise and offers a new type of contemporary products with sound solutions optimized for a life on the move. With the launch of the new BeoPlay H6 over-ear headphones, B&O PLAY challenges the limits of technology to bring music into people's lives. Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, VP of B&O PLAY states: “We are extremely excited to present the next generation of headphones. At B&O PLAY, we love music and want to make it possible for our users to enjoy music -wherever they are. B&O PLAY provides the opportunity to experience music in a convenient and easy way with an outstanding high sound quality and unique design. No loud colours here, simply style and substance.”

Outstanding Sound
With BeoPlay H6, each individual user gains the optimum look, fit, and comfort, along with an extraordinary sound experience. With the B&O PLAY headphones significant studies in the shape and curves of the human ear have been carried out to find a suitable geometry that ensures you hear the music exactly the way the artist intended - wherever you go. The unique sound curve of the headphones provides a clean and powerful sound that reveals all the details in the music at any given volume level. It gives an authentic music experience in your personal sphere.

Carefully Crafted
BeoPlay H6 is made of anodized high purity aluminium which makes the headphones feel light, and at the same time durable and robust. The solid cowhide leather comes from New Zealand where the cows roam in controlled pastures and only the very highest quality hides are selected. Each leather product is completely natural and the leather is dyed with a tanning process that provides colours in rich and warm tones. The careful selection of materials and focus on craftsmanship ensures that the headphones patinate beautifully and create a personalized look as time go by.

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