HiddenRadio2 Bluetooth MultiSpeaker

HiddenRadio2 Bluetooth MultiSpeaker

by Yoav
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HiddenRadio2 is a very elegant wireless speaker for the iPhone and iPad. It delivers best-in-class sound, smart controls and MultiPoint connectivity. It also features a sleek compact design with a protective cap that effortlessly lifts with just a touch, revealing an incredible 360-degree audio experience. Not only does the elevating cap provide protection from the elements, it also creates a larger bass chamber that delivers deeper bass than ever before.

The team has built on their past experiences to deliver not only a simple and beautiful portable speaker, but also an advanced speaker. A speaker that not only looks beautiful, but sounds beautiful. The astonishing result is HiddenRadio2.

“Our goal was to evolve the incredibly elegant exterior design of the HiddenRadio and combine it with the best technology possible, creating the most advanced audio product of its kind,” said John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen, Co-Founder of HIDDEN.

“The HiddenRadio2 delivers best-in-class sound, as well as an exceptional feature set that is a breakthrough when compared to any compact speaker onthe market,” said Vitor Santa Maria, Co-Founder of HIDDEN. “The result is a product that looks incredibly simple on the outsideyet provides an amazing experienceon all levels. It is the only speaker that you’ll ever need”

Timeless Design – To create an iconic design we have removed all unneeded details and left only the essential, with zero visual distractions. This way, everything is about the speaker, and therefore everything is about your music.

Unbelievably Powerful, In A Compact Form– HIDDEN’s proprietaryneodymium dual speaker system combines large and small speaker drivers in perfect balance, creating deep bass, as well as stunning highfrequencies. You will hear every bass beat and violin stroke just as the artist intended.

MultiPoint Bluetooth – HIDDEN’s MultiPoint feature allows you to link two HiddenRadio2’s to one phone, iPad or computer. You can place the speakers in different areas of your home to create a seamless wireless audio setup, or alongside your device to create an incredible stereo experience, easier than ever before.

Magic Lift – Touch the cap or hit play on your phone, and the cap magically lifts, revealing the speaker hidden beneath. Your HiddenRadio2 then begins to stream crystal clear music.

SmartControls – No need for your phone to be around anymore. Using the intelligent capacitive touch sensor you can operate your music by simply tapping the cap, adjust the volume or activate Siri.

Noise Cancelling SpeakerPhone – Receiving a phone call? Touch the cap and the HiddenRadio2 turns into an incredible speakerphone.

NFCSync – Bring your NFC-enabled phone close to the speaker cap toinstantly sync up wirelessly over Bluetooth, without complicated menus or software.

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