Turn Your Smartphone Into a Breathalyzer with Alcohoot

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Breathalyzer with Alcohoot

by Yoav
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Alcohoot, a leader in the smartphone Breathalyzer category, has recently launched its revolutionary device. After holding a successful pre-order campaign, Alcohoot now is available to be delivered to all.

Alcohoot is the first device that turns a smartphone into a breathalyzer providing police grade accuracy. It works on both iOS and Android to accurately read Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Alcohoot also directs users to an UBER ride or a nearby restaurant based on the user’s exact location. All of this is provided through a device that fits in your pocket and plugs directly into the smartphone headphone jack.

“Our intention was to invent a product that reduced the number of drunk drivers on the road while having a cool and engaging design,” said Jonathan Ofir, Alcohoot’s CEO. “It was important for us to create a product that enhanced the user’s drinking experience. Alcohoot allows users to relax and enjoy their experience while optimizing consumption by understanding their bodies’ reaction to alcohol.”

In May 2013 the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommended lowering the legal driving BAC limit in the United States from 0.08% to 0.05% announcing its plan to reach ZERO alcohol related crashes. This was further proof that Alcohoot is a vital product needed on the market to help people to act responsibly while enjoying themselves.

“Based on our experience in the Israeli Defense Forces, combined with our technological expertise, we invented a product that was needed desperately but never existed in a form that made users feel comfortable while quantifying their alcohol level by providing professional grade accuracy,” added Ofir “We hope that Alcohoot is accepted for the reason we invented it which is to promote a lifestyle that enables the user to be in control. Alcohoot gives users a tool to help discover how their body reacts to alcohol so they can drink smarter and make good choices.”

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