Hi-Can High Fidelity Canopy Bed with Cinema  and Xbox

Hi-Can High Fidelity Canopy Bed with Cinema and Xbox

by Yoav
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Hi-Can, high fidelity canopy, is a new contemporary interpretation of the canopy classic bed that recreates our most intimate and protective space inside the bedroom. Entirely made-in-Italy futuristic and innovative cocoon, able to finely match high technology and elegance in a bed that represents a brand new concept of comfort and relaxation.

Hi-Can crosses the traditional boundaries of furniture, this unique bed contains modern technology components such as computers, console game, video and home-theatre system, that leaving the various contexts they typically belong at home and outside find an unusual place in the bed. Inside Hi-Can you will be so immersed on the sound, surrounded by images, from scenery and charming atmosphere that you will experience a special relax each time.

With reference to the technology that make the bed a unique product of its kind, Hi-Can has exclusive partnerships with some leading global companies in different sectors.

JVC, worldwide synonymous for best home theatre, contributes: the full HD video projector that deliver the excitement of a cinema experience with images of excellent quality.

ROTEL, with nearly 50 years of expertise in delivering best sounding solutions, contributes: the sinto-amplifier introducing the Balanced Design Concept, a disciplined synthesis of physics, electronics and mechanical engineering.

B&W, provides the speakers and subwoofer for the system that has been designed to maximize the reality-effect.

Microsoft Xbox, the digital signature of Hi-Can‘s entertainment, includes within a single console a huge quantity of contents and distraction possibilities: with Xbox 360 you can challenge your friends to the favourite videogames, you can download and watch movies in high definition, listen to music and communicate in real time via webcam or Messenger worldwide. And the best is to dive in this fun three hundred and sixty degrees with your friends, family or contacts, thanks to the connection to Xbox Live, the social network to interact with 17 million people around the world and get exclusive and new contents.

Nottinblú has designed the bedding system by transferring in Hi-Can the intuition of Pressure Balance, an advanced technology developed for the optimal quality of sleep. Based on the principle of equalization of pressures, Nottinblú offers to those who accommodate into Hi-Can a total comfort on the basis of their own weight, size and the specific position.

Somfy offers its know-how in automation systems providing the technology for the opening/ closing of the lateral tends and the projector screen of Hi-Can, evoking the charming intimacy of typical canopy bed in the comfort and security of the twenty-first century.

HSYCO of Home System Consulting is an innovative home supervision system that allows to manage all the technology incorporated in the bed and, thanks to its flexible architecture, can be easily tailored to custom needs to control additional equipment and appliances.

Thanks to the precious contribution of each technology matched with superb design, Hi-Can opened its customers the new frontier of relaxation, combining for the first time, rest, comfort, entertainment and interactivity in an icon of modernity, style and elegance.

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