Baladéo Floating Pocket Knife

Baladéo Floating Pocket Knife

by Yoav
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It Floats' says it all. If you are looking for a knife that floats, this is it, a great balance between function and utility, this knife is a fishman's perfect companion. Knives have been used by outdoor enthusiasts for centuries. Baladeo designers develop new items and rethink traditional ones by focusing on functionality (weight, size, handling, comfort, grip) and aesthetics, without neglecting the essential element of all or products; the pleasure of handling and using them.

Baladeo, a faithful partner of hikers and globetrotters, offers multiple products and fun accessories to accommodate all rides. Crafted with the utmost care and with respect to both the craftsmen and the environment, Baladeo products are easy to use, accessible to all budgets, and appreciated for their reliability by walkers and wanders alike.

● This knife floats!
● Integrated key ring for security or your keys
● Great knife for Fisherman, Canoer's and Hunters
● Easy to use and functional design for watersports
● Measures 10.5 cm at 50 g.
● Great knife for any marine activity
● Integrated key ring to keep your boat key afloat
● Measures 10.5 cm at 50g

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