Bolzan Letti Iorca Bed

Bolzan Letti Iorca Bed

by Yoav
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The Bolzan Letti Iorca bed features a backrest that takes the shape of two soft pillows and mechanical arms that lift up the mattress to reveal a hidden storage compartment below.

A bed of Italian artisan craftsmanship, born from a constant search for quality materials in tune with a modern and elegant design. It comes with a mattress to choose from the models Comfort, Dream and Relax, designed to aid our sleep and rest, all with anti-allergenic stuffing and a lateral central strap in Trispace, that allows air flow and destroys the formation of bacteria and mold.

● Double bed with box spring
● Material: square base, upholstery shabby col. 04 (100% linen, washable at 30°) with grey fold and lateral dark grey stitching, wengè feet
● Dimensions: 178 x 217 x h 91 cm; spring box 160 x 200 cm
● Details: with under box and easy up system

Mattress Options:
Double sprung othopedic mattress Comfort
Material: bonnel springs large h.14 with 300 steel springs, removable lining with double zipper and a lateral central Trispace strap, anti-allergenic filling
Dimensions:160 x 200 x h 20/21 cm

Double Sprung othopedic mattress Dream
Material: bonnel small h 14 with 400 steel springs, removable lining with a double zipper and a lateral central Trispace strap, anti-allergennic filling
Dimension:160 x 200 x h 21 cm

Pocket sprung orthopedic mattress Relax
Material: pocket sprung 7 zone mattress h.14 cm, 800 springs, double zipper removable lining and Trispace lateral central strap, anti-allergenic filling
Dimensions: 160 x 200 x h 21/22 cm

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