Gerber Myth Kit

Gerber Myth Kit

by Yoav
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Inside the Gerber Myth Kit exists an entire pegboard worth of hunting tools and gear: both the bag and its contents address each of the specifics of game hunting needs. The kit lets you cherry pick and carry along in the bag what will tackle the job of caping and dressing, depending on the season and the location of your hunt, as well as the type of game you seek. Unsnap the top flaps and open the zippers along the sides to get inside and work with the kit like a roll bag sheath. The elastic-lipped pockets all along the interior will securely hold the Myth tools you need for your trip and leave room for whatever additional items you decide to include. Store the entire series inside the kit for dust- and dirt-free protection until you’re ready to head out on your next game-seeking adventure

The Myth series is engineered for professional and recreational hunters alike. Each of its smart tools is equipped with high-tech handles that provide a grippy but not sticky hold. Lightweight and spry, these handles contain serious jimping that keeps your thumb and fingers in position while working with harvested game. The low weight and the solid grip make for efficiency in the task, which spells out savings in time and energy. With all the Myth tools, and a perfectly designed case to store them in, you’ll always be prepared to pack for the journey.

Myth Kit Contains the Following
● Myth Field Dress Kit ($84)
● Myth Fixed Blade Pro, Drop Point ($69)
● Myth Folding Sheath Knife, Drop Point ($58)
● Myth Folding Sheath Knife, Gut Hook ($58)
● Myth Pocket Folder ($48)
● Myth E-Z Open ($37)
● Myth Shotgun Multi-Tool ($42)
● Myth Fixed Blade Saw ($23)
● Myth Folding Saw ($32)
● Myth Field Sharpener ($21)
● Myth Hands Free Light ($27)
● Myth Spotlight ($84)
● Myth Blood Tracker ($62)
● Myth Cap Light ($20)

$500   BUY · SAVE
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