iDevices Smart Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer

iDevices Smart Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer

by Yoav
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iDevices has recently expanded their product line to include indoor cooking gadgets with their Bluetooth Smart connected thermometers, the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer and Kitchen Thermometer mini.

Cooking your food to the precise temperature needed for safe consumption and optimal taste has never been easier than with these connected thermometers. iDevices Kitchen Thermometer and Kitchen Thermometer mini monitor your food from up to 150 feet away using the free iDevices Connected App for iPad (Generation 3 and up), iPhone (4S and up) and iPod touch (5 and up). Simply let the app know what you’re cooking and receive an alert when your food is ready!

Kitchen Thermometer Lets You Monitor 2 Temperatures at Once
The Kitchen Thermometer comes in two sizes to meet the needs of any cook. Whether you’re cooking simple one dish meals or gourmet meals for your whole family, you’ll always have the comfort of knowing your food will reach the perfect temperature. Kitchen Thermometer has an illuminated display and dual-probe capabilities and will retail for $79.99 and Kitchen Thermometermini is a compact, one probe thermometer for $39.99.

The Kitchen Thermometer works with the iDevices Connected App, available through the Apple App Store. The interface has a customizable dashboard, sharing functionality and exclusive recipes.

The Android version will be released in 2014.

Kitchen Thermometer Product Line Features:

Magnetic Mounting: Magnetic backing allows for convenient mounting anywhere in your kitchen. Use the optional magnetic disc for mounting on non-magnetic surfaces. With two-viewing positions, you’ll be able to clearly see the display wherever your device is placed.

Seamless Connectivity: No need for manual pairing with the Bluetooth Smart technology.

Bluetooth Capability: 150-foot Bluetooth range lets you can break free from the kitchen.

Monitor Multiple Probes: The full-sized Kitchen Thermometer with two probes lets you monitor two temperatures simultaneously.

Excellent Battery Life: 200 hours of battery life on just 2 AA batteries for the full size device and a coin-cell battery for Kitchen Thermometermini.

Illuminated Display: Check the temperature quickly and easily with the proximity sensor LED display on the full Kitchen Thermometer. The Kitchen Thermometermini has a Smart LED with a progression of colors to indicate the doneness of your food.

Organized Probe Wrap: Keep your probes neatly wrapped and stored on the back of your unit when not in use.

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