Listen to Your Favorite Music Together with ShareBuds

Listen to Your Favorite Music Together with ShareBuds

by Yoav
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Listen to your favorite music together with ShareBuds earphones made for two. The all new ShareBuds MX2 headphones are now available for pre-order on the crowdfunding site — Indiegogo.

ShareBuds headphones offer a simple and fun way to listen to your favourite music together with a friend or loved one without the inconvenience of having to share a single set of headphones or buying headphones splitter.

ShareBuds MX2 friendship headphones feature four ear buds and a 3.5 mm connection jack integrated into one product allowing you to share audio from iPod, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, portable DVD Player, Android and other portable electronic devices.

With ShareBuds headphones, you can listen with a friend to playlists, audio books, or watch YouTube together. You
can surprise your significant other with your new ShareBuds MX2 headphones next time you travel, discover new Spotify music together or even catch up on your favorite TV shows on Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Instant videos.

The earliest adopters can pre-order ShareBuds MX2 headphones starting at $49 through ShareBuds ongoing
crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.

ShareBuds headphones are expected to start shipping in May.

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