Swivl: The Robotic Platform for Learning

Swivl: The Robotic Platform for Learning

by Yoav
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Swivl is a multipurpose motion and tracking platform for imaging and teleconferencing that works with iPads, iPhones, DSLRs and Android devices. Swivl features a smooth, highly adjustable pan and tilt motion system that automatically follows you for self captured video. It can make your iPad your remote control for your DSLR and can enable engaging telepresence controls with another mobile equipped Swivl.

There are numerous possible uses for Swivl including:

Telepresence. The new Swivl is a beautiful and inexpensive telepresence solution. You can use it at home or at work with mobile devices and services you use today. With our tracking controls, wireless microphone and built in speakers, you can enhance any existing video chat application like Skype or Facetime. Or with our upcoming video chat application, the new Swivl can be controlled remotely for two way interaction conversations.

Photography. For DSLR, the Swivl is a sophisticated motion controlled tripod head. It can only be compared to expensive solutions used by professional photographers for wild life and action shots. It also makes your iPad a wireless command and control center for all your still and video needs. With our Swivl DSLR control app you can set up multi-view shots with remote preview, frame the shot, adjust settings (ISO, exposure, etc) and fire the trigger. You can also use it for panorama or moving timelapse, or just to stabilize your camera for long exposure shots.

Presentation capture. The new Swivl is the ideal tool to capture lectures and presentations and broadcast them. You can turn any office or classroom into a connected workspace with great video and audio capture. Now that the Swivl supports iPad (or other tablets), you can use it to capture yourself or displaying the presentation as a teleprompter.

And more. The new Swivl is ideal for capturing everyday experiences, at home, work or school. Use it for event photography like weddings where the Swivl can serve as an additional cameraman. Or use it to have remote family join events when they can't come in person. The options are limitless. The new Swivl is portable and easy to bring with you anywhere.

● Compatibility with iOS, Android and DSLR
● Remove-able cable interface for audio and camera data
● Bluetooth & WiFi control by mobile device
● Continuous 360 degree pan
● 20 degree tilt
● Rechargeable batteries and AC Adapter for 6+ hours of operation
● Charges your mobile device
● Mounting kit for iPad, DSLR and device of choice

Retailing for $299, the hardware is accompanied by the Swivl Capture app—a new application designed with capture, playback, and content management functionality, also capable of operating as a control center for your robot—and a free subscription to their new cloud service.

Swivl Cloud provides a seamless solution for you to create, manage, and privately share your videos. The platform allows you to enhance your content by easily embedding images and slides directly into videos, making them both more informative and engaging. Swivl Cloud is offered at free, basic, and pro subscription levels.

More details can be found in the video demonstration below and units can be pre-ordered at the buy link below.

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