Hardwrk Massive Dock for iPhone 5s, 5c, 5

Hardwrk Massive Dock for iPhone 5s, 5c, 5

by Yoav
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Most docks are made from plastic or aluminium and their light weight means that users need two hands when undocking their phone. Hardwrk has a solution. Their Massive Dock for iPhone 5 (5, 5s, 5c) is made from concrete allowing for easy one hand usage.

The Massive Dock combines the extremely durable raw material concrete with a cleverly design. Thanks to a special micro suction surface the Massive Dock sticks to any flat surface without glue. This way it stays put where it belongs – on your desk.

570 Grams of Concrete
The hardwrk Massive Dock is cast in a complex procedure. With this we achieve a high degree of density, accuracy of fit and excellent finish of the surface, which is beyond compare. Every Massive Dock is inspected by hand, polished, cured and sealed to avoid impurities. Employing this attention to detail, the matte finish and open cell character of the concrete is preserved.

Before going to sale, every dock passes several quality control stages. From the correct mixture of the raw materials up to the finishing of the surface the Massive Dock is inspected and refined several times until it is being packed in the end. Since each concrete piece has a unique structure and hardens differently, every dock has its own characteristics regarding surface and texture. Each customer will receive his own quality inspected, one of a kind original.

Fits Every iPhone 5 and Works With a Case
The Massive Dock has been manufactured for the newest generation iPhones. Whether iPhone 5, iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c. Every Apple smartphone with Lightning connector is compatible with the hardwrk Massive Dock and you don’t have to surrender your case. Thanks to the multi part silicone inlay the Massive Dock can be altered to fit the corresponding iPhone model. Like this the iPhone sits tight in the dock and in this state is easily usable with one hand without tilting.

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