Track Your Pet with BeLuvv Puppy

Track Your Pet with BeLuvv Puppy

by Yoav
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Have you ever had the struggling feelings that you want to take your dog out to the park on the weekend, unleash and let it roll on the grass freely but at the same time also worry if it will go too wild and cannot be called back?

“What if it goes home with strangers’ dogs?”
“What if it has gone too far, got to wild and can’t hear my voice?”
“What if it can’t find its way home…?”

How should we look after this indispensable family member and respond to their loyal companionship?

By presenting Guardian (an anti-lost bracelet for kids) in September 2013, BeLuvv earned a great support and round of applause in the market of kid’s wearable devices. Only a few months later, BeLuvv is now ready to introduce their second product - Puppy, a specially made smart anti-lost bluetooth device for pets.

Puppy is like an invisible pet sitter. It is designed after well thoughts and aim to cope with a multitude outdoor activities of pets. This technology combines with the virtues of BLE 4.0, Cloud service and Smartphone to create a safe guarding network. Pet owners can losen some tension of fearing to lose their hyperactive pets when taking off the leash and allowing them to run around.

Get A Warning Before Losing It
Different from those commonly found passive tracking devices or microchip in stores, Puppy is proactive and gives warnings as prevention for owners losing their pets.

A Caring Circle Composed by Family and Friends
Puppy owners can invite their family members, friends and even neighbours in individual Puppy Neighborhood, which is like a caring circle for surrounding people to keep an eye on a pet’s safety.

Small, Slim and Pet-friendly
Unlike those common GPS animal tracking devices only suitable for medium to large dogs, Puppy consists of a mini BLE 4.0 chip and has a small size just slightly bigger than a quarter but less than 10g. It’s designed to wear on all kinds of pet collars. Moreover, it is water resistable (IPX 5) which supports a multitude outdoor activities of pets.

Decide The Safety Range
Inside Puppy App, you may decide the activity range for safety. Whenever the pet is about go beyond the range, app will instantly notify the person who is in charge to prevent it from missing.

Global Emergency Searching Network
Puppy App is for FREE! Everyone can download it. The more people download and use the app, the more precise and abundant sources we can get for finding the missing pets.

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