Rover Revolution App-Controlled Wireless Spy Vehicle

Rover Revolution App-Controlled Wireless Spy Vehicle

by Yoav
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Introducing Rover Revolution — the all-terrain wireless spy vehicle for iOS and Android devices. No terrain too tough, no mission too stealthy. It’s all possible with Rover Revolution, the ultimate indoor outdoor spy vehicle. Go anywhere with off-road wheels and catch all the action with the rotating turret-style camera—fully equipped with night vision! Light or dark, indoors or out, you can stream secret intel straight to your device, or record mission pics and videos for online sharing. Plus even more super-cool, mission-critical features:

Front-facing Drive Camera plus Rotating Spy Camera
A front-facing drive camera and a turret-style rotating camera with night vision for recording (and sharing) videos and digital photos.

Off-Road Wheels
Send Rover on missions indoors or out with rugged wheels made to handle everything from wood floors to dirt and gravel.

Two-way Audio
Listen to sound from Rover’s travels and transmit your own audio back through its built-in speaker.

Cool Lights Headlights and Taillights
Turn on LED lights on and off remotely from your control device. Makes for very dramatic effect when driving Rover in dark places.

Route Memory
Set Rover to remember and repeat pre-determined spy routes.

G-Drive or Standard Mode
Operate Rover by turning your control device like a steering wheel, or operate with standard navigation controls.

● Off-road wheels for missions on any terrain
● Rotating spy camera with night vision for ultimate stealth
● App-controlled—drive with Apple or with Android devices
● 150-foot wireless range
● Two-way audio—listen to Rover’s travels and transmit your own audio
● Remotely controlled, built-in headlights
● Integrated photo and video sharing to Facebook, Youtube and twitter
● Rechargeable battery—no extra batteries to buy

$200   BUY · SAVE
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