G-Form XTREME iPhone 5 and 5s Case

G-Form XTREME iPhone 5 and 5s Case

by Yoav
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Most mobile phone cases are designed for fashion over function. Sure they look nice and can keep your phone from getting scratched up during everyday use, but are you confident it will adequately protect your device from more serious mishaps? The G-Form XTREME X Ruggedized Protective Case for Apple iPhone 5 takes protection to a whole new level, offering unparalleled protection and top styling for your portable device.

Technology For The Next Generation Of Protection
All G-Form XTREME X accessories feature proprietary RPT (Reactive Protection Technology) that reacts upon impact, instantly stiffening to provide maximum protection at the exact moment you need it. The RPT materials absorb over 94% of the impact energy, then instantly return to their normal, flexible state once the impact has been dispersed. G-Form's reactionary technology allows for a lighter, more flexible cover with a thinner profile for easy pocket access.

Science Meets Style
The G-Form XTREME X case offers aggressive styling that not only offers unprecedented RPT protection for your iPhone 5, but also looks great doing it. The "X" design serves as a physical reminder of the extreme level of protection this case provides. The open frame allows for full access to the iPhone's touchscreen at all times, and the raised edge protects the display from harm. Precision designed for an exact fit, the case allows easy access to all of the phone's features without compromising the fit of headphones or charging cables. And with several different colors to choose from (Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Black/Red) you're sure to find an option that best fits your own personal style.

Protect Your Investment
From the slopes to the skate park, in the office or in the field, the G-Form XTREME X Ruggedized Protective Case for Apple iPhone 5 is peace of mind for your portable device.

● Slim and lightweight design that is shock-proof and pocket-friendly
● Made with G-Form's proprietary Reactive Protection Technology, which stiffens on impact in order to absorb over 94% of the force from an impact
● Open frame allows full use of touch screen while a raised edge on the front side protects the screen
● Easy access to all functional ports

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