FLOTE Desktop Stand for Tablets [Review]

FLOTE Desktop Stand for Tablets [Review]

by Yoav
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FLOTE is a premium mount for the iPad, Kindle, tablet or e-reader that enables comfortable hands-free usage of your device. Easily and freely adjust FLOTE Desktop to just the right ergonomic position and let your device float in front of you as you comfortably watch a movie, read a book, play a game, or otherwise use your device.

Designer and developer Dave Cutler was kind enough to send us a review unit, here are our thoughts.

Having started off with the m2 Floor Stand, the FLOTE Desktop Stand is Dave Cutler's newest design. It's smaller, more versatile, and features all the functionality we saw in the m2. The stand is super easy to construct. Nearly everything is already put together for you. All that's required is to screw the stand's rod into its base, then attach the tablet mount which is held in place by a magnetic ball joint. If you have any doubts about stability or safety pertaining to your tablet, don't worry. It's a struggle to pull the magnetic ball joint mount off the stand. Your tablet isn't going anywhere.

When FLOTE first arrived we were amazed by the weight of the package. And with free shipping, it's that much more impressive. I know we often associate weight with quality, but in many cases weight doesn't always mean it's better. However, the FLOTE is definitely constructed from solid materials and since we are talking about a tablet stand, weight is key. This thing is solid, and I mean solid. FLOTE is not your grandmother's iPad stand. I don't think you will find another iPad stand as rugged and tough as this. I didn't have a digital weigh scale on hand but all in all the FLOTE Desktop Stand weights nearly 20 lbs.

The buck doesn't stop with weight either. The craftsmanship is there. The components fit together perfectly and result in a stable structure that is no push over.

What's great about the Desktop Mount is that it can be positioned in so many ways. On one side sits the tablet while on the other a counter-weighted arm. In the middle is a dial that allows the user to adjust its tension. Once the tablet is in the desired position, tighten the dial and you're all set. The stand is also fitted with a telescoping boom that allows you to extend the arm an additional 7 inches.

FLOTE Desktop offers two types of bases: a round weighted 8-inch (20.31 cm) base or a unique, low-profile reversible clamp. You can easily switch between the two styles depending on your preferences and needs.

There is little bad to say about the Desktop Mount. Its large size and mostly its high price is what holds many back from making a purchase. But you pay for what you get. I personally love it and am looking forward to see what's next from the company.

● Enables hours of hands-free, discomfort-free ergonomic use of tablets and e-readers.
● Supports virtually any tablet on the market, with or without a case.
● Magnetic Ball Joint technology enables you to position your tablet in almost any orientation freely and easily.
● Thoughtfully engineered to enable simple, fluid adjustment for use in virtually any situation.
● Enhances your tablet experience while using your iPad, tablet or e-reader .
● Elegant and clean design complements any interior setting.

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