Dell Wyse Cloud Connect: An Ultra-Compact Portable Cloud Access Device

Dell Wyse Cloud Connect: An Ultra-Compact Portable Cloud Access Device

by Yoav
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Dell has announced the availability of Dell Wyse Cloud Connect, an ultra-compact and highly mobile cloud-access device that instantly delivers desktop virtualization and personal cloud services to any HDMI- or MHL-enabled display. The pocket-size device delivers a full-HD experience with enterprise-level security, manageability and reliability. Organizations of any size can now deliver streaming cloud services and IT solutions in a cost-effective, mobile offering for work, home and on the go.

“Cloud Connect is among the most cutting-edge mobile thin client solutions that we have tested at our labs,” said Joseph Korah, Senior Director and Head of Kochi Operations, Cognizant. “With its ability to work seamlessly with Citrix, Microsoft and VMware environments, the solution holds great potential for the futuristic enterprise that is looking for ways to improve productivity at work and on the go for its enterprise workforce.”

“IT organizations want to be able to deliver a rich user experience through cost-effective and reliable devices without sacrificing security and manageability,” said Bob O’Donnell, Founder and Chief Analyst at TECHnalysis Research. “At the same time, many end users want an easy, simple way to get access to their corporate applications and data wherever they happen to be. Cloud Connect is an innovative solution to address these customer needs.”

Enterprise-Class Security
Designed to promote bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments, Dell Wyse Cloud Connect allows you to securely access and share work and personal files, presentations, applications and other content from your business or your home. Managed through Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager software-as-a-service (SaaS), IT managers can ensure that each Cloud Connect device is used by the appropriate person with the right permissions and access to the appropriate apps and content based on role, department and location.

Extreme Mobile Computing
Slightly larger than a USB memory stick, Cloud Connect is an ultra-compact multimedia-capable device. Simply plug it into any available Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) / HDMI port on a TV or monitor, attach a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and you’re off and running. Easy to slip into your pocket or bag, it enables an HD-quality window to the cloud, great for meetings and presentations while on business travel, or for cruising the internet and checking email after a day of work.

Zero-Battery Technology
Travel light, batteries and a power cord are not needed. Power for Cloud Connect is supplied through the MHL interface, or separately through the integrated USB port.

Highly Optimized Cloud-Client Computing
Designed to provide a full multimedia computing experience, Cloud Connect is packed with advanced technology features, including:

● Android OS to support triple play (voice, data and video) for web browsing, social networking, media playback
and access to thousands of apps through the Google App Store
● Preloaded Dell Wyse PocketCloud software for remote access to physical or virtual desktops, apps and content
● Bluetooth interface for connecting to a wireless mouse and keyboard
● 802.11a/b/g/n dual-band WiFi

Ultrathin Client
Providing a number of flexible options for remote cloud client computing, Cloud Connect works with many existing Dell Wyse thin clients and software products. It can also access Citrix, Microsoft or VMware environments for web-based apps or a standalone device for local apps and content.

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