AK47 Bullet Ice Cube Tray

AK47 Bullet Ice Cube Tray

by Yoav
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Want to surprise your friends during a party? Absolutely this is the one to bring lots of attentions and fun! This isn't the regular Ice Trays you saw in convenience store, it's fine designed AK47 bullet Ice mold! Looks very cute and lovely! Put it into your drink and see how your friends open their big eyes looking at it!

One of the best gift idea for holidays! Husband and kids will all enjoy the family fun building freezing ice bullets together and show them to friends and relatives in group party. Imaging how cool it's when your wine cup has bullets floating on top of it just like what 007 did!

Simply put cold water on bottom piece of tray and then put another on top of it to prepare the ice cube. Once it's freezing, easily you can squeeze the tray slightly to get beautiful ice bullets out. The slim shape bullet ice can be even put into Coke or Beer Can directly to cool down your favorite drinks immediately!

● Show your extraordinary taste of life with cool bullets in your drink during group party
● Best gift idea for father, husband and little boy to enjoy a happy cool summer
● Stylish and Durable Ice Tray made by high quality 100% FDA approval Material
● Bring so much fun for family and kids to make cute amazing freezing bullets

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