Spiral Wine Cellars

Spiral Wine Cellars

by Yoav
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Spiral Cellars is a company dedicated to the supply, delivery and installation of large scale wine storage. The business has been established in the U.K. for more than 30 years, originally specializing in prefabricated concrete wine cellars and now offering bespoke wine rooms.

A Spiral Cellar offers the ideal storage conditions, a large capacity, and no running costs – all constructed in just 8 days. A trap door provides access to the cylindrical cellar located under the ground. Descending down a spiral staircase you can easily choose a bottle of wine from the circular walls surrounding you. The company has five versions available:

Mini Cellar:
The Mini Cellar is the ideal option for those who would like a cellar in their home, but do not require the capacity of the Original Spiral Cellar or larger. With space for three times as many bottles as a wine cabinet, the Mini Cellar still provides fantastic storage space but is cost-saving, particularly as it is accessed via a simple step ladder rather than a spiral staircase. The trap door of the Mini Cellar is a double door and completely covers the 2m diameter of the cellar.

Essential Cellar:
The Essential Cellar is a wine cellar with an affordable wine cabinet price tag, offering a broader audience the possibility of having a fully-functioning wine cellar installed in their homes. It incorporates the signature storage system of the Spiral Cellar, built with smooth grey concrete modules stacked on top of each other but rather than the traditional spiral staircase the Essential Cellar is instead accessed via a secure – and cost-saving – aluminium ladder. The Essential Cellar is 2m in depth, with a spacious finished diameter of 2.1m, and holds up to 1,000 bottles. The cellar is topped with a non-motorised wooden trap door, which can be recessed and finished with the surrounding timber floor if required.

Garden Cellar:
Combining the weatherproof External Trap Door with the components of the Original Spiral Cellar, the Garden Cellar is a convenient option for Spiral Cellars aficionados looking to avoid ripping up their beloved flooring. Not just an alternative solution to storing wine in the home, the Garden Cellar is also a timely addition to a range of products for the garden entertaining zone, with sophisticated furniture and outdoor kitchen equipment already popular. Perfect for storing dinner-party wines and those for longer-term cellaring, there is also plenty of room for storing garden tools and equipment, making it the ultimate garden shed. Like the Original Spiral Cellar, the Garden Cellar has an internal diameter of 2m.

Original Spiral Cellar:
The Original Spiral Cellar is based on the design first developed more than 30 years ago, and remains popular with homeowners looking for good capacity and a reasonable investment. The soft grey finish creates a natural look while the bin size enables ample stacking space. The Original Spiral Cellar can be accessorised sisal carpet, and can be finished with almost any of the trap door options. With an internal diameter of 2m the Original Spiral Cellar offers ample space for accessing a wine collection.

White Spiral Cellar:
The White Spiral Cellar is the premium cellar option, with impressive capacity and clean contemporary finishing. The cellar features luminous white concrete and smooth joints, plus deep storage bins so that bottles sit flush with the edge, and wider step treads for easy access. The White Spiral Cellar can be topped with any of the trap doors, and also includes a range of accessories to further add a luxurious feel. The largest cellar option, the White Spiral Cellar features an internal diameter of 2.2m.

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