Blueshift Helium: Supercapacitor -Powered Portable Speaker

Blueshift Helium: Supercapacitor -Powered Portable Speaker

by Yoav
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There are so many portable speakers available today on the market. No matter where you look, every company is trying to come out with their own version of the portable speaker. And since today everybody sports a cell phone or some sort of portable music device its in high demand.

There is only one problem. They are cheaply made. They're built by huge corporations that make them from plastic, and they run on batteries that fail in just a few years. They're designed to be sold at big-box retailers. Until now, we've all been stuck buying electronics that are designed around someone else's bottom line.

Blueshift aims to change that. They are designing electronics to fit your life. Devices that last, that sound great, and that charge in minutes - so they're always ready to go. Blueshift speakers are powered by supercapacitors - a technology that's changing how people think about energy storage. They can charge very quickly, but are also super durable - they can be charged more than half a million times.

Whats cool about Blueshift is that their speakers are open-source hardware and from what we understand the very first supercapacitor-powered speakers on the market. They charge in five minutes, play for six hours on a charge, and sound awesome. They're designed to be upgraded and repaired - these are portable wireless speakers built to last a lifetime.

There cabinets are designed around physics, not what you can fit in your pocket. Because bamboo is highly renewable, super rigid and also a great material acoustically Blueshift chose it for building their cabients. They modeled and tested a variety of shapes and sizes, before settling on a six liter (per driver) ported enclosure tuned to 105 Hz - a great compromise between frequency response and portability.

Helium is currently available for pre order at the buy link provided below.

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