New Capital Eyewear Sunglasses Made From 1,000  Year Old Redwood

New Capital Eyewear Sunglasses Made From 1,000 Year Old Redwood

by Yoav
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Capital Eyewear is an independent eyeglass design and manufacturing studio. All their glasses are handmade in San Francisco, California by quality craftsmen with outstanding attention to detail. They pride themselves on the ability to create eyewear that is less of a commodity and more of an artwork while maintaing the highest level of quality.

Last year we had covered their first collection of 1,000 year old reclaimed redwood sunglasses with was a great success. So you can imagine that when they heard they could get their hands on more of this reclaimed ancient redwood, they jumped at the chance to do another run of these incredible glasses with a brand new design.

This pair of limited edition Capital sunglasses are truly a piece of history. Made from ancient reclaimed redwood that is over 1,000 years old, these are some of the rarest glasses they have ever made.

The wood was originally cut for a railroad bridge in the 1800s. In the 1950s the bridge was torn down and the wood was put into storage. Recently, it was reclaimed to build a California beach house and they created these sunglasses from what was left over from the home's construction. In a way, the wood for these glasses is actually RE-reclaimed.

The age of the wood gives it a very distinct reddish brown rings that are extremely close together. Each pair of glasses has the right-eye lens marked with it's individual number 1 through 25 and comes with a handmade leather case that is also handmade in the USA.

You can get your hands on your very own pair by licking on the buy link below.

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