Refine Your Cocktail Experience with the Gutenberg Project

Refine Your Cocktail Experience with the Gutenberg Project

by Yoav
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Conceived and developed by the Breakthrough Innovation Group, Project Gutenberg is revolutionising the “bar at home” concept. It will make way for a designer library, made up of “container books” each holding a sealed bottle of spirits, all connected to a service platform: from basic home delivery, automatically triggered according to the container level, to a whole range of tutorials about mixology (cocktail recipes, personalised offers, etc.) Project Gutenberg is redefining cocktail culture and turning it into a more accessible experience involving more expertise. Creating and inventing cocktails for friends becomes more intuitive and more entertaining.

“With Project Gutenberg, we are utterly committed to the conviviality of the future: an experience that is connected, entertaining, tailored and responsible… We are still only at a very early stage of the project but the potential of dedicated products, services, personalised offers and experiences is infinite,” said Alain Dufossé, BIG’s Managing Director.

Project Gutenberg was one of a hundred innovations presented by Pernod Ricard at its second Innovation Day (Top 100 innovation book) whose central theme was “The Conviviality of the Future”. A hundred or so independent developers also considered the same theme during the course of a hackathon organised within Ecole 42, which hosted the event. The entrepreneur Xavier Niel, designer and President of the school, participated in the launch of this new edition.

Innovation has been a central strategic focus of Pernod Ricard for almost four years. There are currently more than 350 projects undergoing development, and innovation accounts for almost 25% of organic sales growth.

Innovation at Pernod Ricard is applied to every area: products, services, experiences, consumption patterns, industrial technologies and processes. Its main objective is value creation, thus serving the historic strategy of premiumisation that was developed by the Group.

Check out their video here.

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