Wellograph Smart Watch

Wellograph Smart Watch

by Yoav
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Wellograph has recently announces the launch of a premium timepiece that delivers a complete picture of wellness. Wellograph is an activity tracker, a heart rate monitor and a running watch in one that delivers live, insightful information about wearers' activity through simple infographic interface. Wellograph's elegant design, with a sapphire steel aluminum construction, sets a new standard for wellness devices and is the world's first affordable consumer electronic device with a sapphire crystal display.

More than an activity tracker, Wellograph senses the quality of all activities, thanks to an integrated heart-rate sensor. The watch continually reads pulse throughout the day in response to users' activities and is thus able to tell not just how much users have moved, but more importantly, how hard they have exercised.

Wellograph automatically displays relevant infographics based on detected activity. The collected data are summarized in "Today" and "Week" views, and analyzed into users' true fitness age and fitness percentile ranking. Wellograph is also a running watch with speed, pace, distance and stopwatch functionalities. It displays continuous pulse reading during workouts to help users train at targeted heart rate zones and achieve desired fitness goals.

An independent product, Wellograph does not require a smartphone to operate. If syncing is desired, Wellograph features Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which effortlessly syncs to smartphones for deeper data analysis and other social networking benefits. Wellograph will store up to four months of the most recent data and one charge will last up to two weeks.

The vision behind Wellograph's Heart Pumped Surface design "is for the Wellograph to look and feel healthy. And you can feel it with your fingertips. All of the high touch surfaces are gently domed, accentuating an idea of healthy heartbeats," said Pichaya Puttorngul, Wellograph's designer. "We've tailored the watch for the fashion and design minded audiences. The classic material pellet of sapphire crystal, polished stainless steel and satin aluminum fits confidently in any occasion, suit up or denim down." continued Pichaya Puttorngul "It is a lightweight and comfortable watch that you can enjoy every day."

Wellograph will be available for pre order at the end of March.

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