Ass Savers

Ass Savers

by Yoav
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Ass Savers is a group of five designers/entrepreneurs/friends with an almost unhealthy interest for anything realted to biking. Based in Gothenburg, arguably the wettest city of Sweden, they have all had their fair share of soaking wet cracks and it was one of those days, coming out of the office and realizing that it was once again raining, that the Ass Saver was born.

They were definitely not the first to take a piece of cardboard, an empty water bottle, or a newspaper and chuck it under the saddle to save at least their asses from the worst spray. But being designers/entrepreneurs/friends they saw a need for something better.

I know first hand how much it sucks arriving to where you are trying get with mucky water all up your backside.
Ass Saver is a great solution for this, not only because it prevents you from getting dirty but because its manageable and stores right under the seat when not in use. It is similar in concept to WIT Industries fender we posted on last year.

The Ass Saver is an emergency fender that protects you from the worst spray that would otherwise be there as a wet reminder all day. Its absolutely rattle free and weighs close to nothing. You won’t even notice its there. When you don’t need it, you fold it up and hide it underneath your saddle until the next time streets get wet. And dare we say, as far as fenders go, it even looks kinda nice!

Stand on your left side of the bike. Grab the Ass Saver with your right hand just below the slots/holes and squeeze until it takes the shape of a half cylinder, printed side up. Push the Ass Saver from behind the rear of your saddle between the saddle rails until it snaps onto the rails. To assist, use your left hand long finger and push the Ass Saver up towards the roof of your saddle. To get it to snap properly, it can help if you wiggle it slightly from left to right. If it bottoms out in the front before it snaps, it could be a good idea to trim the top with a normal pair of scissors.

● The SmartAss fits nicely onto the rails of your saddle without any tools or fittings.
● When it stops raining, simply fold it up and store it underneath your saddle until next time.
● The SmartAss fits about 80% of all standard rail saddles

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