Normann Copenhagen Tea Strainer

Normann Copenhagen Tea Strainer

by Yoav
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The Normann Copenhagen Tea Strainer is a practical and flexible strainer made of silicone and stainless steel, designed by the German design-duo Böttcher+Henssler. Tea Strainer serves both as a tea strainer and a small bowl that collects the excess water and prevents table spills.

Tea Strainer retains the heat and flavour while the tea is brewing, and when it is ready, the small built-in handle makes it easy to take out of the cup without burning your fingers. Like the brim of a hat, the folded silicone prevents dripping. Tea Strainer is suitable both for cups, mugs and teapots and is easy to clean by dismantling the two parts that can be put directly in to the dishwasher.

Böttcher+Henssler explains: ’An evening as we sat together with a few friends, we came to speak about how there was no solution to the simple problem of where to put your strainer after having brewed a cup of tea. After that we began working on creating a smart and initiative solution on how to brew tea and prevent table spills with the same product.'

Tea Strainer comes in six different colours that can be used to reflect the tea you are drinking. You can for example use the mint colour for serving mild and delicate mint-caramel tea, or a strong and tasteful rooibos tea in the burgundy coloured Tea Strainer. Brewing tea is fun with this multifunctional product.

Colours: Grey, black, blue, mint, burgundy, red Material: Silicone and stainless steel
Size: H: 9,2 cm x Ø: 11,4 cm
Price: 20 Euro

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