Berlin Startup Company BigRep Sells the Largest Serial 3D Printer in the World

Berlin Startup Company BigRep Sells the Largest Serial 3D Printer in the World

by Yoav
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Bringing the production of large formats to the office, at affordable prices – this is the vision that inspires the initiators of BigRep GmbH. Two artists, driven by their own needs, developed a large format 3D printer, revolutionizing the 3D printer market. “We know that the need for 3D prints has increased enormously in the creative industries among architects, artists and inventors, among others. We have developed printing technology that lowers costs by about 90%, opening the door to a new dimension. Clients may now affordably produce life-size, three dimensional objects,” Lukas Oehmigen, artist and founder, explained.

Lacking an appropriate printer to depict his own sculptures in their “true size,” the artist and founder of BigRep started experimenting. The result was a large format printer that met his needs. His art project LeBigRep generated so many inquiries, that he and his college Marcel Tasler invested two years in developing an affordable large format 3D printer. The first machine, BigRep ONE came into being.

“Large format 3D printing has always been an exclusive right of industrial corporations such as automobile and machine engineering firms. We wanted to change this,” co-founder Marcel Tasler describes his printing sensation. “With the BigRep ONE, professional users now have the opportunity to quickly create and print out their planned object, be it a chair, a structural element or a model house, in a format a bit larger than one cubic meter (49 cubic feet). They can print it directly from their own computer or, in the near future, have it printed at the nearest BigRep 3D service provider.”

Conventional 3D printers can usually only produce hand-sized objects in model format. The BigRep printer allows you to produce objects in a full-scale format. BigRep ONE is a unique full-format 3D printer with a working volume of 1147 x 1000 x 1188 mm, 1.3 cubic meters ( 45 inches x 39 inches x 47 inches or 46 cubic feet).

A large printing volume of over one cubic meter makes it possible to produce prototypes and models 1:1, or to create final products, such as designer furniture, directly with the 3D printing method. The machine works with the FDM / FFM method (Fused Deposition Modeling / Fused Filament Modeling), which is by far the most cost efficient method on the market, and allows the use of an amazing diversity in colors and/or materials.

The company aims to be the leading manufacturer of large format printers, as well as actively participating in providing coverage of 3D centers throughout Germany and Europe.

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