New Advanced Pour Through Filter System From Mavea

New Advanced Pour Through Filter System From Mavea

by Yoav
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MAVEA has introduced a new line of advanced pour through pitcher filter systems and filters that have a numerous advanced design features to make your filtered water experience significanty better. MAVEA is a new generation in Water Filtration. Designed and manufactured in Germany with high-end materials, MAVEA water filter pitchers are designed to be suitable not just for your kitchen counter, but your dining room table too. We design our filters with imagination, passion, and a love of detail.

MAVEA water filtration systems are certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI 42 and 53, to significantly reduce chlorine taste and odor and other unwanted elements, such as heavy metals, agricultural chemicals and industrial pollutants to provide you with cleaner, clearer, great tasting water.

● Filter micro-screen reduces release of carbon particles into water
● No pre-soaking to activate filters.
● Contains silver to provide antimicrobial protection and extend filter life.
● All filter system components are made from BPA Free materials and certified safe for use with drinking water.

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