Gerber GDC Belt Tool

Gerber GDC Belt Tool

by Yoav
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Belt buckles tell stories. They evoke the past, of fathers and grandfathers, of the movies that made heroes of men who marched into battle. But buckles are more than historical reminders; they offer current-day function as well as a great location for enhanced style. Modern buckles feature a brilliant array of graphic designs, as well as the impressive technology applicable for finely detailed cuts and shapes that machinery now offers.

Form and Function
The robust, customizable-length quick-release GDC Belt Tool is a Gerber innovation for modern day superheroes. The buckle delivers utility at the end of the work day, while hiking, or during a barbecue. Pull the integrated tool with an index finger and tighten down a screw, pry open a can of paint, or pop the top on a beer without breaking a sweat. With its bottle opener, pry bar, and flat head driver, this multi-tool’s nimble, stealth convenience is next-level.

A Safe Grip
Wrap a finger around the ring and press a thumb against the thumb grip allowing for a solid hold that won’t budge when putting a bit of power into its application. When the job is done, the tool snaps back into its sturdy, safe sheath.

● Customizable 52-inch heavy gauge nylon belt with quick release fastener
● Removable 3.3" tool that acts as a flat head driver, pry bar and bottle opener
● G-10 black belt buckle plate
● Weighs 9.1 oz
● Lifetime warranty

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