Twelve South SurfacePad for iPad mini

Twelve South SurfacePad for iPad mini

by Yoav
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Twelve South presents SurfacePad for iPad mini, a multifunctional, luxury leather cover for iPad mini that introduces several innovative features never before seen in an iPad cover. Made with genuine Napa leather, the super-smooth cover doubles as a hands-free viewing stand and desktop typing wedge. SurfacePad for iPad mini is available now in Pop Red, Mod White and Jet Black for $69.99.

SurfacePad for iPad mini is a beautiful, smooth cover with a clean, modern design. The stylish leather wrap protects both sides of iPad, without hiding or disguising iPad's beautiful profile. SurfacePad adheres to the back of the iPad instead of snapping into a shell or entombing it in bulky plastic and rubber. Flip open the cover and SurfacePad even wakes up your iPad mini. If you are looking for clean modern protection for your iPad mini, there's nothing quite as thin or elegant as SurfacePad.

Tailored from high-quality Napa leather, this super-slim cover has some innovative features hidden inside, too. SurfacePad works as a dual position, hands-free viewing display. Slide iPad up along the inside cover and hidden magnets magically reach out to grab the edge of iPad. This cool trick replaces the need for extra sewn-in stops or notches. If the angle's not quite right, slide iPad a little further and a second row of magnets will grab and hold iPad at a second viewing angle. You can place SurfacePad for iPad mini on any flat surface to stream movies, video conference via FaceTime or watch a slideshow without having your hands tied up – or the smooth inside cover cluttered up.

Another clever feature built into SurfacePad for iPad mini is a small kickstand that turns this sleek cover into a typing wedge and desktop display. Flip down the kickstand, and – as with the hands-free viewing stand – a hidden row of magnets grabs the edge of your iPad. Just like that, your iPad is resting at a comfortable angle for editing emails, twisting tweets or building your business plan in Pages.

SurfacePad has a smooth, solid cover lined with soft microfiber to protect the iPad glass. Unlike covers with creases for folding, the smooth, rigid cover on SurfacePad is refreshingly simple and clean. Reading an iBook on iPad with SurfacePad feels like reading a small book or magazine. Because the front cover is rigid, you simply fold it behind iPad and hold your tablet with one hand. When you close SurfacePad, hidden magnets keep the SurfacePad closed and your iPad fast asleep.

“The moment we released SurfacePad for iPhone last year, users told us they wanted the same modern cover for iPad mini, but we wanted to take it a step further," said Andrew Green, Creative Director of Twelve South. “First, we removed the need for the typical bulky plastic shell by adhering SurfacePad to iPad. Then, using hidden magnets to display iPad? So cool… it’s the kind of feature you’ll show your friends. Finally, the addition of the smooth, non-creased cover combined to make one of the best designed iPad covers we’ve ever seen.”

SurfacePad for iPad mini is available in three color choices: Pop Red, Mod White and Jet Black. Wrap your iPad in a sleek leather SurfacePad for iPad mini.

Stay tuned: SurfacePad for iPad Air, sharing all the features and style of the SurfacePad for iPad mini, will be available in late Spring 2014.

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