Track and Record the Amount of Light Exposure You Receive with SunSprite

Track and Record the Amount of Light Exposure You Receive with SunSprite

by Yoav
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GoodLux Technology recently announced the launch of its first innovation, SunSprite, a device that tracks and records the amount of bright light exposure an individual receives each day. SunSprite is the first completely solar-powered device and app combination to accurately measure bright light, helping users attain the physical and mental benefits of light exposure.

SunSprite debuted on Indiegogo, marking the official launch of the product and its crowdfunding campaign. The device is available on Indiegogo for an introductory price of $99 and the first 100 devices will be priced at $89. SunSprite is expected to ship in late Q2 2014. Following the Indiegogo availability, SunSprite will retail for $149. It will make its first public appearance at this year's SXSW (March 7–16, 2014, Austin, Tex.).

You've heard of wearables and apps for fitness, sleep and nutrition. And now there's one for an equally important health component: sunlight. For decades, scientific studies have substantiated the effectiveness of bright light as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle. Bright light successfully wakes up the brain – especially in the winter months – and makes individuals more alert, engaged and energetic. Additionally, receiving bright light during the day can improve sleep habits, helping to regulate the natural circadian rhythm that is frequently disrupted by modern, hectic lifestyles. Studies have also shown bright light can serve as an effective remedy for a variety of conditions including depression, anxiety, ADHD and Parkinson's disease.

"We are thrilled to launch SunSprite, a wearable device that combines cutting-edge technology with the latest medical science to deliver a simple-to-use experience that will improve health on a global scale," said Edward Likovich, CEO of GoodLux. "SunSprite is easy to integrate into anyone's lifestyle. By wearing it and getting daily bright light, you will feel more energized during the day and sleep better at night."

SunSprite is small and lightweight, and, using its advanced magnetic closure, users can clip it on a shirt, collar, cuff, jacket, pocket or bag strap. The user can check the device or the corresponding mobile app to see their daily progress towards their recommended amount of bright light. Additionally, users can analyze their light exposure patterns and receive coaching through the app.

SunSprite, which is manufactured in the USA, connects to an iOS device by Bluetooth Smart technology and is completely solar-powered with absolutely no cords or cables.

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