Oscar Mayer iPhone Alam that Wakes You Up to the Smell of Bacon

Oscar Mayer iPhone Alam that Wakes You Up to the Smell of Bacon

by Yoav
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Oscar Mayer has launched a competition for an iPhone accessory that wakes you up to the smell of bacon.

Just in time for Daylight Saving Time, the Oscar Mayer brand is breaking new ground with the first-ever iOS device that allows early risers to wake up to the delightful smell of bacon without lifting a frying pan. The device, aptly named Wake Up & Smell the Bacon, syncs with the Oscar Mayer Wake Up & Smell the Bacon iPhone application to emit the scent and sound of sizzling bacon when the rooster crows.

Customers can apply at http://wakeupandsmellthebacon.com/ from now until Friday, April 4th for a chance to win of the devices.

To use it, customers will need to download the Wake Up & Smell the Bacon app, plug the detachable device into the headphone jack of an iPhone and savor the scent of sizzling bacon. If you don't have the device, the app will still wake you up to the sound of sizzling bacon.

The device will not be sold in stores and quantities are limited.

Take a look at the video below!

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