B.O.B Cutting Board & Bottle Opener

B.O.B Cutting Board & Bottle Opener

by Yoav
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Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, comes an all-in-one collection of common kitchen tools that will also keep your iPad safe and within easy reach. The product known as B.O.B (Bottle Opener Board) combines a cutting board and bottle opener into one. Extremely useful on its own for everyday kitchen cutting and bottle opening duty, but what good is it if you can’t somehow incorporate an iPad with it? Good news, the designers have taken it a step further to ensure the B.O.B stand would be compatible with any iPad or tablet!

Made from 100% bamboo, the B.O.B stand makes it easy to view recipes, watch how-to videos for cooking or mixing up a new cocktail. The minimalist design keeps an iPad or tablet at the perfect viewing angle and elevated above the countertop to protect it against accidental spills. By making the stand multipurpose helps reduce clutter and creates valuable counter space. When you’re done, just replace your B.O.B board(s) and you will have a truly stunning display piece.

The product is currently on Kickstarter and could use your help to getting it funded. To get the B.O.B set that includes the iPad/table stand and two boards pledge for the “The Professional” level. There are also a limited amount of pre-gamer specials left that will save you $4! Be sure to check out the other rewards, such as the “Soiree Master” which comes with stand two boards and two high-quality ceramic knives. All items include free shipping within the US.

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