Twelve South Rutledge BookBook Laptop Case

Twelve South Rutledge BookBook Laptop Case

by Yoav
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Twelve South unveils its first MacBook case in almost 3 years. Meet the Rutledge BookBook Case for MacBook. What sets this premium genuine-leather case apart? Each cover is hand-finished with a new color layering technique that makes every Rutledge truly a one-of-a-kind work of art. It also shelters MacBook like no other between two hardback book covers and a rigid spine. The Rutledge fits all current MacBooks, including a version made just for the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Each Rutledge is a story in itself. Searching for something completely different, Twelve South developed an entirely new technique for finishing leather. This innovative process involves applying multiple layers of color, and then carefully removing selected elements by hand to reveal a brilliant tapestry of hues and patterns. Like a fingerprint, the resulting tones and patterns are completely unique to the natural variations of the leather itself. Looking for a plain, basic case to blend in? This case is not for you.

Along with premium looks, the Rutledge envelopes MacBook between two hardback covers with reinforced corners and a rigid spine. Slide open the dual zippers on the gorgeous case and you will find a soft, padded interior for your MacBook. Two soft elastic bands gently grab the corners of your MacBook display so you can work with your Mac inside BookBook. Dual zippers also mean you can charge your MacBook while keeping it safely tucked inside your Rutledge Case.

“We wanted to create a case that had the extraordinary colors of a sunburst guitar, or the deep sepia tones of a vintage film strip. What we came up with is this amazing new finish that is modern, yet retro at the same time,” said Andrew Green, Creative Director of Twelve South. “If you’re looking for something very special and unique to protect your beautiful MacBook, you won’t find anything else quite like this.”

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