Travel in Style with Crash Baggage

Travel in Style with Crash Baggage

by Yoav
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The first thing we think about when we buy a new suitcase is that something might happen to it. We worry that it might get ruined or scuffed up. Especially when you see how they whip your bag around at the airport.

Francesco Pavia, a young Venetian designer was inspired by this simple idea. Traveling from airport to airport he noticed how bags were handled, thrown about here and there, and how they became damaged over time.

That’s how crash baggage was born.

The damaged case! An innovative travel philosophy that has opened the way to a whole new way of conceiving the suitcase: that of the non-handle with care, where damage is no longer a problem.

Crash baggage already has the typical dents that are caused by frequent use. Indeed, over time, the new dents give even more personality to the suitcase. All this without forgetting the functionality and comfort of an object that has been created using the most advanced materials.

With your crash baggage you will feel relaxed and at the same time unique while travelling.

A set of three pieces (cabin - medium - large)
● 4 spinner wheel, for greater stability and comfort in movements;
● A two-wheeled cabin model available in size small;
● Aluminum pulling handles, lightweight and easy to manage;
● TSA, the universal model required for travel to the United States;
● Six different colors.

€180 - €250   BUY · SAVE
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