Menu Shoehorn Stainless Steel

Menu Shoehorn Stainless Steel

by Yoav
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A shoehorn designed with both form and function in mind.

A shoehorn is normally considered to be a practical everyday tool, and not an ornament. The new shoehorn designed by Charles Wilson and Menu, however, offers both form and function.

Why is it that it’s impossible to find a shoehorn when you need one? Most shoehorns can scarcely measure up to a home's interior design and usually have to settle for a place in the drawer. At any rate, they are seldom given a place of honour on the wall in one's entryway where they are needed. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Just take a look at Menu's latest shoehorn!

Australian Charles Wilson won the Australian International Design Award 2007 for Candelabra, a beautiful Advent candle holder designed for Menu. And now we would like to present yet another fine product born of the partnership between the Danish design firm and the Australian designer. This time, it’s a simple and extremely elegant shoehorn made of polished steel with magnetic wall mounts. It’s a practical piece of industrial design that may very well become a design icon displayed on many walls across the world.

● Elegant, beautifully curved shape and deserves a place on the wall
● Made of polished steel
● Includes magnetic wall mounts
● Simple, yet extremely elegant
● Designed by charles wilson

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